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Home Mission Sunday - September 2008

VIP Diary Date: Home Mission Sunday 2008 - 21st September

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*16th September: Home Mission Sunday 2007

Home Mission Sunday is a special day when Catholics are invited to pray for and support the work of evangelisation in England and Wales. Parishes are invited to take a collection to help fund CASE’s work. Materials provided include: bidding prayers, homily notes, a “welcome home” booklet, poster and sample outreach leaflet. Please see below.

National Press Release
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Press Advisory Notice
Cardinal Invites Catholics To Reach Out To Lapsed word icon

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Home Mission Sunday - September 17th 2006



Home Mission Sunday Poster 2006


September 17th is HOME MISSION SUNDAY, a day of prayer for the spread of the Gospel in England and Wales.  A collection will be taken to support the work of CASE, the Catholic Agency to Support Evangelisation which the bishops launched in April 2004 to support and resource individuals, parishes and communities to share the Good News of God’s love.  As you can see we have a website which offers plenty of downloadable resources to equip the Catholic community in the urgent task of evangelisation www.caseresources.org.uk.  CASE also runs the Catholic Enquiry Office, offering free and confidential information about the Catholic faith to enquirers~ if you know someone who has questions about the Catholic faith, you could ask them to look at www.life4seekers.co.uk.



Prayers of the Faithful word icon (opens in new window)

Intercessory prayers, please feel free to adapt them to suit your local community.

[Also available as a pdf Bidding Prayers ]

Homily Notes word icon (opens in new window)

Suggested material for inclusion in a homily for Home Mission Sunday.

[Also available as a pdf Homily Notes ]

Parish Newsletter Inserts word icon (opens in new window)

Short inserts to help promote Home Mission Sunday 2006.

[Also available as a pdf Newsletter Inserts ]

Home Mission Sunday Poster (opens in new window)
Is this poster on display in your parish?

Resource Pack Folder (opens in new window)

Read the introductory letter from CASE Director, Mgr Keith Barltrop.

Gift Aid (opens in new window)

CASE relies heavily on donations. Please suport our work financially.

Evangelising Through Our Buildings (opens in new window)

These brand new materials are hot off the press. See the first leaflet in this series of resources to help you use your buildings to share and celebrate Catholic life and beliefs.

Catholic Enquiry Office (CEO) (opens in new window)

Read about the work of the CEO which has been providing a free service to non-Catholic enquirers for over fifty years. We currently send out between 80 - 100 information packs a month and are increasingly welcoming a 1000 vistors per day to our web site: www.life4seekers.co.uk

Newsletter (opens in new window)

BBC 2's The Convent, our new CASE staff members, faith and culture comment, a unique youth evangelisation event happening in October 2006... all this and more in the latest CASE newsletter.

CASE Resources Catalogue (opens in new window)

CASE has an expanding portfolio of resources. This catalogue provides a guide to resources that are available to help individuals and communities in the urgent task of evangelsiation.

Parish Newsletter Inserts (opens in new window)

Short inserts to help promote Home Mission Sunday 2006.

Ideas For Celebrating The Liturgy Of The Word With Children (opens in new window)

Mission-focussed ideas to add to your existing programme.

Liturgy Of The Word Continued (opens in new window)

A sheet for the children to fill in and complete.

Pledge Card (opens in new window)

Please do give us feedback, constructive criticism and encouragement.

Envelope (opens in new window)

Our address in case you would like to contact us.

Press Release One (html file)

Cardinal Endorses National Evangelisation Campaign Themed 'Dying to live…'

(August 2006)

Press Release Two (htm file) (opens in new window)

Catholic Church Dares Its People To Unearth Their Guilty Secrets

Read significant comment from the Cardinal, the Bishop of Nottingham and the Director of CASE.

(September 2006)

Home Mission Sunday 2006: What the Bishops of England and Wales are saying word icon (opens in new window)


Home Mission Sunday banner

Poster photograph for Home Mission SundayTheme: "You're Hired!"

A wide range of brand new resources have been especially created for this year's Home Mission Sunday. Don't miss out!

Check out our evangelistic wrist bands, car stickers, parish resource booklets, bidding prayers, children's liturgy materials and much more ...

CASE Press Release for National Newspapers 2:
‘Fear mustn’t hold us back – evangelise’ warns Catholic Bishop word icon(opens in new window)

CASE Press Release for National Newspapers 1:
Recruitment Opportunity Offers Heavenly Pension Plan word icon(opens in new window)

CASE Press Release for Diocesan Newspapers:
Diocesan Recruitment Drive for Evangelisation word icon(opens in new window)

Advisory Notice word icon(opens in new window)

Home Mission Sunday Pack Materials ...

Every parish and religious house in England and Wales will receive a free resource pack. Please find below pdfs of the pack materials.

Home Mission Sunday 2005 Poster (opens in new window)

Parish Resource Booklet (opens in new window)

Children's Liturgy of the Word photocopiable sheet (opens in new window)

Children's Liturgy of the Word instructions (opens in new window)

Bidding Prayers/Time of Prayer sheet(opens in new window)

Newsletter inserts/Gift Aid(opens in new window)

Newsletter inserts word icon(opens in new window)
This is available as a Word document in case you would like to edit the text.

Director's Letter from Resource Pack Folder (opens in new window)

Wrist bands and car stickers

Evangelistic wrist bands

Order your evangelistic wrist bands and car stickers!

The blue wrist bands cost £1.00 each plus 50p for package and postage.

They feature the address for the Life4seekers website. They also serve as an excellent follow-up resource to World Youth Day, Cologne. They are ideal for schools.

Evangelistic car sticker
The evangelistic car stickers cost 50p each plus 50p for postage and packing. Email: [email protected] or telephone 020 8458 3316

What is a Catholic? pdf icon(opens in new window)
A Catholic Enquiry Office leaflet for non-Catholics. Why not give one to a friend or neighbour?

"Everyday Evangelising" pdf icon(opens in new window)
A leaflet with lots of suggestions for sharing your faith in everday life (adapted from At Your Word Lord, Westminster Diocese)

Thank you!

Photograph of the CASE volunteers

A big thank you to all our volunteers who gave so generously of their time and talents to help prepare this year's HMS packs.


Home Mission Sunday 2004

Home Mission Sunday Poster 2004

'No choice but to evangelise', says Catholic Bishop word icon(opens in new window)

Home Mission Sunday National Press Release 2004:
Home Mission Sunday - Press Release word icon(opens in new window)
(pdf version) pdf icon(opens in new window)

Home Mission Sunday Resources

Newsletter inserts (Word format) word icon(opens in new window)

Gift Aid declaration (opens in new window)

CASE: The Story so far(opens in new window)

Everyday Evangelising for Everyday Catholics(opens in new window)

Ideas for Celebrating the Liturgy of the Word with Children(opens in new window)

              Worksheet 1: Stewards
              Worksheet 2: 4 Ts

Holy Hour for Evangelisation(opens in new window)

Scripture Reflections(opens in new window)

Prayers of the Faithful for Home Mission Sunday(opens in new window)

Music suggestions for Home Mission Sunday(opens in new window)

Parish Resources(opens in new window)

Pledge Card(opens in new window)

Folder and Covering letter(opens in new window)

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