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Christmas Resources

The Christmas season presents itself as an opportunity to evangelise! Share your faith this Christmas so as to help lead others to the person of Jesus Christ. To assist you in this task, CASE is delighted to be able to offer you a wide range of seasonal materials.

The Birth of Jesus by Elizabeth Wang

Pause for Thought

"Christmas is the deepest penetration that the Church has in contemporary culture. It is our duty to seize the moment and reach out to those who sing carols, who send and receive Christmas cards and who link themselves with the Christian story." Fr Philip Knights, Faith and Culture Comment, CASE Newsletter, Christmas 2005


The Birth of Jesus - a painting by Elizabeth Wang.
Copyright © Radiant Light 2005


For Advent

An advent calendar with a difference… Xt3 have launched an online countdown to Christmas, with daily features and reflections.


Or visit the American Catholic Bishops’ Conference online calendar.

10 Ways to Share the Christmas Message word icon



Reaching out to Catholics on 'sabbatical'

Campaign image - stained glass nativity imageCASE have resources to support the Come Home for Christmas initiative, which aims to offer a welcome to Catholics who for different reasons no longer or rarely attend Mass. CASE can provide outreach posters and invitation cards (see: CHFC), and a website for those wanting to explore reconnecting with parish life (see: www.comehomeforchristmas.co.uk).



Outreach around the Parish

Christmas Flier word icon
An easily adaptable A5 size flier that explains very briefly the meaning of Christmas and has space for you to add the times of services in your parish. This would be ideal to distribute to all the homes in your parish; maybe different parishioners could take responsibility for delivering them to different roads?

Christmas Traditions Uncovered word icon
Simple texts to put up on display in your church or school explaining Christmas signs and symbols.

Christmas Homily word icon

Suggested Christmas Parish Newsletter Inserts word icon

Reaching Out to People Visiting Our Church word icon
Ideas about how we can best welcome people visiting our Church during the Christmas season.

Order your Christmas outreach poster
This is a web link to the Knights of St Columba. They annually produce Christmas posters which are widely distributed through Catholic parishes across England and Wales.

Churches Advertising Network (ecumenical) For more advertsing ideas.

Taking the Nativity to the Streets


Live Nativity scenes! Grab people's attention with the Get in the Picture campaign . It’s about setting up a live nativity and inviting passers by to ‘get in the picture’ and have their photo taken as one of the characters - which will then be published on line along with information about Jesus and details of local Churches. It’s quirky, it’s fun and it has enormous potential to engage people.


Or you can keep it simple and let the scene itself do the work. Diana Davis talks through a live nativity scene with an evangelistic edge.

In the Family

Sharing The Christmas Story word icon
We can't spread the Gospel if we don't know what it is! Simple ideas on prayerfully sharing the Nativity story with children (includes Gospel texts from Matthew and Luke's accounts).


Evangelisation by Email

Looking for a Christmas signature to your emails?


Add a link to the Life4seekers Christmas page which introduces and explains the Christmas message. This and much more at: www.life4seekers.co.uk

(Created by the Catholic Enquiry Office which is run by CASE)


Or point people to www.paperlesschristmas.org for a quirky take on the Christmas story (for example, for angels… think post men!)


Christmas e-card 1 and Christmas e-card 2


Christmas Cards

Capturing the essence of Christmas in a way that is clear and contemporary, and that will capture people's attention amidst the festive bustle, giving them cause to stop and reflect on the reason for the season. Have a look at the LICC Christmas Cards


Looking for a Christmas present for an evangelising enthusiast?

In April 2003 the first team of Street Pastors ventured out onto the streets of Brixton in the London Borough of Lambeth.  Today, only 6½ years on, there are around 150 teams with over 3,000 Street Pastors working in the UK including 27 teams in London boroughs. Now, the initiative seems poised to go international. In the book Street Pastors by Les Isaac with Rosalind Davies you can track the history of the Street Pastors and discover new ways of bringing the love of Christ to the streets of our country. See: www.refreshbooks.co.uk


Take and Read: The Gospels is an excellent, brand new resource for individuals and groups who are wanting to engage prayerfully with the Gospels. Each volume looks at a different Gospel and presents twelve passages with explanation and accompanying quotations from the Fathers and Church documents, Christian art and inspiring photographs, as well as suggestions for prayer and reflection. They’re available from Alive Publishing priced £9.99 each or £35.00 for the Box Set: www.alivepublishing.co.uk


To Love and Serve the Lord: This step-by-step book contains tried and tested ways of effectively recruiting and supporting volunteers for ministry in parishes and church communities. All of the practical tools are rooted in prayer and scripture and can be rapidly applied by existing leaders in your parish ministries. See www.volunteeringinparishes.org.uk  


Christmas fun:

listen! you will become pregnant and give birth to a child. you will name him Jesus.Challenge yourself with the Christmas Pub Quiz, or sing along to Karaoke Carols on www.rejesus.co.uk (ecumenical site)

The nativity story in lego
This is a fun resource for children and young people.

Try out karaoke carols and discover the origins of Father Christmas (ecumenical site).

Christmas Songs

Pause for Thought: How can you share the message of the birth of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour, in a way that people can understand?


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