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Press Release: Catholic Enquiry Office Pioneers New ‘E-mail’ Instruction Process
(Word doc.)

1) www.life4seekers.co.uk logo: this website is the online expression of the Catholic Enquiry Office.
2) Catholic Enquiry Office logo: this office works to stimulate interest in Catholic life and beliefs, promote a better understanding of the Catholic Church and respond to enquirers.
3) Mgr Keith Barltrop who is Director of CASE; the Catholic Enquiry Office is also under his direction.
4) Anthea Gurkan who recently received instruction by e-mail.

Vatican logoVatican News Service Exclusive On England And Wales's Evangelisation Agency

Msgr Keith Barltrop, Director of the Catholic Agency to Support Evangelisation (CASE), gives an exclusive interview to Zenit about the Agency, and shares his reflections on the key to successful evangelisation. See: http://www.catholic.org/featured/headline.php?ID=4407


Where is Your God? (Web link)

Responding to the Challenge of Unbelief and Religious Indifference Today

The Internet and the New Evangelisation word icon

“The Congregation for the Clergy, in the arena of Ongoing Formation of Priests, presents every month a video-conference aimed at the theological updating of developments during the period after Vatican II to the present day.”

Questions about the New Evangelisation by Herve-Marie Gatta word icon
Published in French in France Catholique

Indispensable New Evangelisation Resource for Parishes word icon
CASE Press Release, August 2005

Using the Beauty of Our Church Buildings for Evangelisation
If we are prepared to be imaginative, our Church buildings can be used as powerful tools of evangelisation, says Fr Keith Barltrop, CASE Director. Article featured in The Tablet, 19th February 2005

Youngsters are Inspired to Evangelise
The Universe newspaper, 16th January 2005

Evangelisation Agency Leads Inspirational Youth Training word icon
CASE Press Release, January 2005

Youth Event Gives Prophetic Vision of Unified Mission Church word icon
CASE Press Release, January 2005

CASE Website Rated as "Excellent" (jpeg)
Youth People Take Leading Role in Evangelisation

Feature article as printed in the National Catholic Directory of England and Wales, 2005:
Page one
Page two

Evangelising the Cities of Europe (jpeg)
Article about the ICNE Paris, Good News Magazine, January 2005

CASE Faith Bonanza (jpeg)
The Universe newspaper, page three, 12th December 2004

Christmas Gifts from CASE (jpeg)
As featured in the Catholic Herald newspaper, page two, 10th December 2004

Evangelise Or Die, Warns Mission Chief (jpeg)
Front page of The Catholic Times, 5th December 2004

New Thinking On Evangelisation (jpeg)
As featured in The Tablet, 4th December 2004

CASE Forum - October 2004
"Get out of the Ghetto!" CASE Director, Mgr Keith Barltrop, urges Catholics to venture beyond the walls of their churches.
Press Release word icon

CASE Forum - October 2004
Unprecedented Gathering of Mission Experts and Evangelists - CASE/BBH Forum, 23rd - 24th November
Press release. word icon

Are you ready to spread the word? (jpeg format)
Article written by Mgr Keith Barltrop for The Tablet, September 2004.

Britain is Christian....but is it? (jpeg format)
News article published in The Catholic Times, October 2004, analysing recent religious affiliation statistics. A comment from CASE is featured.

Young Catholics join Soul in the City celebrations in London's Trafalgar Square pdf icon
CASE and the Catholic Youth Service were the main Catholic promoters of this event which saw more than 15 000 young people gather for mission.

Papal Holiday Prayer Intentions - the laity and evangelisation word icon

Celebrate Homily - Easter 2004 word icon
Many people have asked us for a copy of the homily Fr Keith gave at this year's Celebrate Conference.

Zenit Articles

Evangelise...make the sign of the cross word icon
September 11th 2005

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