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“The victory of the Cross is denied to none of the weak; there is no one who cannot be helped by the prayer of Christ.” St Leo the Great, Sermon 15 on the Passion.

Lent 2008

Jesus Christ during His Passion

National BBC TV Opportunity: Use It To Evangelise
16 - 23 March 2008 BBC One is broadcasting 'The Passion', which is an an adaptation of of the events of Holy Week. CASE has collated a range of resources to equip and enable you to make the most of this evangelistic opportunity. More...

Jesus image: ‘Joseph Mawle as Jesus © BBC’

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For a wide range of materials please see here



Lenten Resources For Small Communities
Westminster Agency for Evangelisation has produced great resources for Lent, for those in an existing small group, or those looking for an opportunity to gather friends together and share the Gospel.




Article on Lent in the Catholic Encyclopedia

Lent - resources for Catholic educators

Call To Conversion on American Catholic.org

What the Church says about fasting

FAQs about Lent

Activities for children



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