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Please note that in addition to the above each diocese in England and Wales has feast and memorial days peculiar to them. For specific details of these please see your Diocesan Yearbook and Ordo, normally available from your Diocesan Curia (Office).

The Monthly Lowdown

The Church has a rich liturgical and historical tradition. Every single day of the year for us is set aside in one way or another either as a Saints Day, religious feast, memorial or Holy Day of Obligation. Our liturgical calendar is never wanting and it's a shame that often many days of significance go unnoticed, even forgotten. To help us connect with this invaluable source of daily renewal, on this page we provide:

  1. Liturgy Office: England and Wales - our national calendar can be found at: www.liturgyoffice.org.uk/Calendar/National/England1.html

  2. A link to Universalis, which is the name of a website which provides details of feast days and memorials peculiar to the English liturgical calendar . http://www.universalis.com/England/0/location.htm
  3. A second link to Universalis; a website which provides details of feast days and memorials peculiar to the Welsh liturgical calendar. http://www.universalis.com/Wales/0/location.htm
  4. A link to the Catholic Information Network website which features the American Catholic calendar , including short biographies on saints of the Day, Mass readings and commentaries on them, and the Liturgy of Hours. http://www.cin.org/calendar.html