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The Sion Community’s mission is to proclaim the Good News and equip others for the work of evangelisation, using the charismatic gifts. The community is well-known in this country, especially for its Parish Missions, and for School Missions, run by a team known as Cross Purposes. Training and formation are a speciality of the Community, especially in the practical aspects of evangelisation through sharing faith with others.

There is a particular focus on youth in the Community, and a dedicated Youth Discipleship Team runs a variety of activities, including a course in apologetics, a mentoring programme, regional prayer groups (Oases), weekends away for youth, a summer camp, a gap year youth programme, and a three month discipleship training school.

Members of the Sion Community can be full-time or part-time, and make commitments ranging from short to long term; there 117 are also one or two priest and seminarian members. A branch of the Community is beginning in Ireland under the leadership of the Community’s founder, Fr Pat Lynch.

Sion Community
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"Go therefore, make disciples of all nations."

Mt. 28:19