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RC Diocese of Northampton Youth Mission Team


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‘The Ezekiel Project’ is a fresh expression of the Church’s approach to youth ministry provision in the Diocese of Northampton. The team live, pray and work together in a community setting, and seek to be a constant voice of evangelisation amongst the young Catholics of Northampton town.

Beginning with the fundamental principle that positive models of evangelisation are based within the context of ongoing ‘discipleship relationships’, the team are committed to ministering within a specific number of parishes and schools in the area. This means that relationships started with an ‘in-your-face’ assembly can be free to form in the quiet conversations in the playground, develop in the challenging youth group session, and find fruition in the casual chat in the shopping centre or at the sign of peace at a Sunday Mass…

Being a constant presence in the town allows for a long term strategy to develop amongst the team, individuals, parishes and schools… The team look to catalyse existing forms of youth ministry and support teachers, priests, parents, youth leaders and catechists in their ministry and relationships with young people.

At every opportunity, the team try to present the Gospel in fresh and relevant ways to the young people of Northampton town, and to work alongside the local parishes, so that they can more fully become places where the reality of that Gospel is lived out in joyfulness and celebration.

The team’s ‘manifesto’ reads:

You see, the thing is, there’s this mission, this calling, this passion that we have deep down…

Not just in our hearts but in our heads and in our speech and in our fingertips…

It’s a calling to cry out, to proclaim our hope, to share the joy that comes from Christ

And it’s a calling to listen, to understand, to share the struggle and just ‘be’ – saying nothing at all.


And (you have to understand)

There’s a need here. A real need for friendship.

For something really real…

Bring it, we reply… you want real, we can do real…


Real means authentic. Means being there in the schools. Means being there in the parishes. Means being there connecting on the web. Our lives and our message are real.


We’re here to proclaim and we’re here to stay. We’re giving assemblies and running sessions. We’re in your face and we’re in the background. We can do flexi-time.

…share lunch / meet class / attend Mass / play footie / resource catechetics / community prayer / lead retreat / learn drama / watch film…

Flexi in expression. Flexi-creative.


And we are Ezekiel-people. The message is new life, new water, new hope. It’s true and we drink deep. It’s a daring bold mission; we become bearers of fresh, vital news. How to convey? How to help? How to build? How to challenge? How to reassure?


We are link people. We find homes for the spiritually homeless.

We are in the business of home improvement. Where do they belong in our parishes? Where are the gaps? How do we renovate and develop and build huge extensions, widening our capacity???


And we love intensely. We allow each other to make mistakes. We cheer for each other in this marathon. We disavow the eat, work, sleep lifestyle. And we send out an invitation to the heavens – a cry from our hearts. To use us. To form us. To love the unloved through us…


We wade out deep into the river. We have a vision for our temple. We are prophets to our own people. We believe in the future for the town of Northampton.


This is our call.


The Ezekiel Project is currently seeking volunteer members to spend a year or more in community. For more information, or to download an application form and job description, visit www.ezekielproject.com/volunteer