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CaFE New Resources For Young People

Catholic Faith Exploration has produced two exciting new DVDs for young people:

photo of teenager looking up questioninglyDeeper: Why Jesus?
A fast-moving multi-media presentation designed for young adults. Through teaching and testimony it explains why Jesus came and how we can experience the effect of Him in our lives, especially through the sacrament of reconciliation.

With input from Fr Stan Fortuna, a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal, John Pridmore, an ex-gangster, now an international Youth evangelist, young people from around the country, music, images and opportunities for prayer and discussion.

It is ideal for parish youth groups, schools, colleges, Lent and Advent courses or one-off retreats.

DVD set including a music CD by Emmaus £19.95

Amazing Giftpicture of Fr Stan Fortuna celebrating Mass

An instructional Mass by Fr Stan Fortuna

Fr Stan Fortuna, a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal from New York, explains the elements of the Eucharist in an inspirational way. With testimonies from young people and the challenging homily, ‘Eucharistic Amazement’, this course will help unpack the riches of the Mass in a way young people can understand.

A flexible resource with a wide variety of uses.

DVD set £39.95

Other DVD resources which compliment these 2 new resources include:

photo of Mass being celebrated‘This is My Body – Experiencing the Power of the Mass’

This includes two sessions of a filmed Mass, narrated by David Payne and based on the book, This is My Body by the late Fr Ian Petit OSB. There are testimonies, interviews with the celebrant, music and opportunities for discussion and response.

DVD set includes the original book and a music CD ‘Behold the Lamb’ by Boyce and Stanley of CJM Music - £69.95

Plugged in – Youth CaFEYouth CaFE logo: cartoon of TV screen

A fast-moving and inspiring resource for teenage Catholics. The course is very flexible and can be used for youth group, Confirmation programmes, schools and chaplaincy group. Each of the six sessions contains several powerful elements including a personal witness, young people’s questions and thoughts, scripture dramatisation, “Grill the Priest” questions and answers, challenges from Fr Stan Fortuna, music and images.

DVD set includes a Leader’s Guide and training, publicity pack plus music CD - £99.95

There are short trailers available for each of these resources on the CaFE website www.faithcafe.org or you could contact them for a free sample DVD. If you would like any more information, please don’t hesitate to call CaFE on 01727 823803. 

For more details about CaFE who are also known as Catholic Evangelisation Services, please click here.