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This year there is hardly time to recover from Christmas when Lent arrives! Natural, human reasons for celebrating the seasons are interwoven with more obviously religious thoughts; there is the joyful awareness that the days are 'lengthening,' alongside the start of Lent. Pope Benedict’s recent encyclical reminds us of the importance of hope, both the everyday hopes that keep us going, and the big hope in God who is our greatest treasure. It’s the joy of knowing Him that we are called to share with everyone, especially as we look forward to Easter. For our seasonal resources page, please go to: http://www.caseresources.org/resources/downloads_easter.html

In this edition:

All Change: Diocesan Restructuring

'Diocesan Restructuring as an Opportunity for Evangelisation' sounds a bit of a mouthful, but was the theme for a very successful and inspiring conference held by CASE at Swanwick in January. Around 35 diocesan representatives met to share experiences and ideas about the process of reconfiguring resources in the fast changing world of today. They also explored how it can open our eyes to new ways of sharing the Gospel with everyone in our society. We were blessed with two excellent speakers: Fr. Andrew Headon, Vice-Rector of the Venerable English College, Rome, and Rev. Steven Croft, Director of the Anglican / Methodist initiative, 'Fresh Expressions.' The real stars, however, were the clergy, religious and lay people who all participated fully in a lively exchange of views. Fr Andrew has kindly made available two of the resources that he presented. Please click here for resource one (Word doc.) and here for resource two (pdf).

Testimony: Mike's Story

'A lot of testimonies finish with "…and I met Jesus," but meeting Jesus was only the beginning. At that point I knew Jesus with my mind, but He had two further vital encounters for me. Firstly, He showed me the Holy Spirit, who made my faith alive and active by taking it the long distance from mind to heart. Secondly, He introduced me to a Catholic community. This was a life-changing experience. I didn’t meet the Church or the community as an organization, but as people who are alive in Christ and who are giving witness to Jesus’ resurrection in their lives. It is not possible to overstate how important Christian community is.' (Mike Parry)

For our testimonies page go to: http://www.caseresources.org/whatcanido/whatcanido_sharingfaithArchive.htm

Event: Celebrate Weekends

These provide an opportunity for all ages to join together in a vibrant, faith-filled atmosphere to celebrate the love of God. The Celebrate Family Conference has taken place every Easter since 1994, with approximately 1500 people attending. This year, there will be eight holiday conferences to choose from – seven weekends in various locations and a four-day event for young adults. The conferences are organised by Charismatic Renewal, and include a combination of good Christian teaching and worship, as well as an opportunity to enjoy the company of new and old friends. For information about a ‘Celebrate’ near you, please see: www.celebrateconference.org

Prayer Points

Please hold in prayer:

  • those preparing to be received into the Church this Easter;
  • people experiencing marriage difficulties and those who are unable to receive Holy Communion;
  • the success of the Pentecost Festival, which is an ecumenical, evangelistic event, taking place over Pentecost weekend in the heart of London (www.pentecostfestival.co.uk);
  • all those who support the mission of the Church with their money, time and prayers;
  • the work of the staff at the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales (www.catholicchurch.org.uk);
  • on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the apparitions, all the sick visiting Lourdes this Easter and over the summer months.

You are welcome to visit our online prayer room

Free Resource For St. Valentine's Day

In the run up to Saint Valentine’s Day the pressure is on to find, or at least be seen with, 'someone special.' Chocolates, cards, flowers and gifts fill shops in the weeks preceding the big day. But what do you do if you’re not with someone? Well, for generations of singles looking for their soulmate, Saint Raphael has proved himself to be a powerful spiritual friend. Many have testified that prayers to him have resulted in their finding a life-long partner. Interested? Competition Prize: a meal for two.

See: www.life4seekers.co.uk/lifestylevalues/St.Raphael.html

Be Inspired

'We readers or hearers are meant to participate in the Passion drama by asking ourselves how we would have stood in relation to the trial and crucifixion of Jesus. Might I have been among the disciples who fled from danger, abandoning Him? Or at moments in my life have I not played the role of Peter, denying Jesus, or even of Judas, betraying Him? Have I not found myself like Pilate, trying to avoid a decision between good and evil, or have I made a bad decision and then washed my hands so that the record could show that I was blameless?'

Raymond Brown, A Crucified Christ in Holy Week.


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