God needs you!

Meet the Team

There are four full-time workers at CASE, plus several part-time staff members too.

Fr.Keith Barltrop, CASE Director (Full-time)

Fr Keith has been a priest for 27 years. He's worked as a parish priest, seminary rector, and school chaplain, as well as being Episcopal Vicar in the East End of London. He has a degree in Chinese and loves cooking and playing the piano.


Clare Ford, Team Member (Full-time)

Clare's background is in education. Although originally from Liverpool, she has worked as a primary teacher in Hartlepool, in Higher Education training new RE teachers at Maryvale Institute, and was most recently Head of RE at a secondary school in Birmingham. Apart from evangelisation, her other passions are playing football and the bass guitar 'though not necessarily at the same time!

Emily Davis, Team Member (Part-time)

Emily Davis CASE team member Emily’s background is in Youth Ministry and Evangelism. This has involved mission experience in Ghana, five years as a member of Sion Catholic Community for Evangelism and work with the Catholic Evangelisation Services (CaFE). When unwinding, she’ll be found at dance classes and salsa clubs, or enjoying the view from a mountain! 


Clare Ward, Team Member (Full-time)

Prior to joining CASE, Clare worked in
broadcasting. She spent several years in Yorkshire working as a BBC Journalist, lived in a lay community in Northern France for two years and, most recently, has been involved in full-time voluntary service as a Catholic Youth Mission Leader. In her spare time she is something of a chocoholic...but that's a secret!


Jeanette Hardwick, Office Administrator (Full-time)

Jeanette, our Office Adminstrator

Jeanette has been the Office Administrator for CASE and the Catholic Enquiry Office (CEO) since March 2004. When people ring our office Jeanette is likely to be your first point of contact. In her spare time she is a keen squash player.


Lesley Pippet, Office Assistant (Part-time)

Photograph of Lesley Pippet

Lesley has seven children and lives in North London. She is very involved in her local parish and particuarly enjoys attending an ecumenical prayer group. In her spare time she likes going to the theatre and swimming. Lesley's work at CASE includes sending out free information packs to non-Catholic enquirers.



Pastures New

September 2007: All the best with your new role. Thanks Father.

Father Martin Ganeri O.P.

Fr Martin Ganeri CASE Team Member

Fr Martin has left the CASE Team to become a full-time lecturer at Heythrop University College. Prior to joining CASE he was a chaplain to Edinburgh University. He is a member of the Order of Preachers. We are very grateful to him for all his work in support of the mission of England and Wales.

September 2006: Good bye, thank you and God bless you

Fr Philip Knights

Fr Philip has has recently left the CASE Team to become a Parish Priest in Hatfield. He is a priest of the Diocese of Westminster and a long-suffering supporter of Norwich City. We wish him and his wife Jane, every grace and blessing as they begin a new life in Hertfordshire. The CASE Team are endebted to Fr Philip for this outstanding contribution to the Agency.